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You can’t do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals.
— Oprah Winfrey
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Vibrational Attunement Session

45 minutes



Single Session - 45 minutes

by Phone/Virtual

Like your phone and computer software needs upgrades and downloads, so does your subtle and energetic body (aura). It's no wonder that with changing times, planetary shifts, and chaos that surrounds us daily and with electronics and our busy schedules , that our bodies get depleted of energy, light, color and other resources.

Our energy can get sluggish or blocked which starts to deplete you and your vibration can lower or weaken. Physically you can feel scattered, fatigued, forgetful, ungrounded and basically not like yourself.

The Attunement which can include activations, downloads and alignments can help you raise your vibrational energy and assist you in upgrading your energy again.

This Attunement can leave you feeling more energized, grounded, and clearer. A renewed sense of awareness can bring your life back into alignment once more.

The Vibrational Attunement is Divinely Guided for each individual and their present vibrational needs. Therefore, a blend of modalities may be used, such as, Reiki, ColorLight, Crystals, and Universal Source Energy.

During the Vibrational Attunement, Kymberly will act as an Anchor of Light and a Conduit of Energy. She will connect to the Universal Light and call upon the resources of the Divine to be channeled through her. Then she will intuitively activate, download and/or align the clients energy using the modalities, techniques and experience that she is guided to use at that time and for the highest and best good of the client.

The client can decline anything that does not resonate with them or feels comfortable with at any time. The client is always in control of their session.

The shifts can be subtle yet profound and powerful. Not everyone is guaranteed to feel or sense the vibrational and energetic shifts but will likely Intuitively "Know" that an Attunement has occurred on some level. Try it and be on the cutting edge of the future in Vibrational Attunements! 

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Reiki Session

30 minutes


Single Session- 30 minutes

by Phone/Virtual

Reiki is a natural and gentle ancient Japanese technique used to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

It’s a simple and natural holistic method for balancing and harmonizing all aspects of the clients mind, body, and spirit.

Reiki energy can also assist the natural healing process of the clients body in order to restore physical and emotional well-being.

During a session, you can expect to be sitting or laying somewhere comfortably. The practitioner will use her hands to direct unseen "life force " energy to the various parts of your body from a distance.

After a session, individuals have reported feeling relaxed, less stressed, grounded, more balance and a renewed sense of awareness.

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Intuitive Mentoring


4 Sessions- 45 minute each



4 Sessions- 45 minutes each

by Phone/Virtual

I have designed a 4 session, Intuitive Mentoring package Soul Expansion for those ready to go deeper into themselves and want to explore and understand what is hindering their growth and what needs to shift and release in order to live fully in their power. The sessions will be individually designed to assist you on your journey and current goals.

Our energies get depleted at times and we begin to feel scattered, overwhelmed, and run around without focus and ungrounded in our thoughts and actions.

This package is created with the intention to help you shift your energy, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in order to help you accomplish your desired goals and intentions.

Therefore, it is divinely timed with multiple sessions, with time in between sessions to naturally allow your energy and system to integrate with the new energies that are being cleared, energized, and reignited within you and around you.

This allows you to have time to gently move into your new energetic space creating an easier transition into the new clearer energy around you. Transitions between sessions are necessary for transformation and recalibration of your energy and vibrational frequency to occur in a natural and gentle way. Results will vary due to the unique differences in our energies and how we process the energies around us.

What some clients say after a session…

“I feel so much lighter.”

“I had the best night sleep in a long time.”

“My energy is back.”

“I feel like myself again.”

“I am no longer forgetful and scattered.”

“I wish I could feel like this all the time!”

What you can expect...

Intuitive Mentoring package is broken up into 4 Sessions. All sessions will be conducted virtually and over the phone or via Zoom. This will allow you to be in a comfortable and safe place of your choosing where you can relax during and after a session. Phone sessions are equally as effective as in person. Energy is Universal and travels freely without limitations of time and space.

The first session is a combination of getting to know each other, and an assessment of where you are and your goals and intentions for our time together. You can expect guidance and any energy clearing and alignment, downloads, and/or activation that may be available for you, only if you choose to receive them.

The 2nd through 4th sessions will be to keep you on track of your desired goals and intentions that you set for the first session. The 4th session will also be the final sessions where we congratulated you on meeting your goals and intentions.

Every session will be uniquely guided to assist you in your growth and expansion and may include guidance, energy clearing, alignments, downloads, and/or activations.

You’re in control of the sessions and what you want and don’t want to receive energetically. Most importantly, I want to honor where you are and that you feel comfortable during this growth and expansion period.

1st Session 45 minutes

2nd Session 45 minutes

3rd Session 45 minutes

4th Session 45 minutes

Email support available for questions and concerns that may pop up before your next scheduled phone sessions.

All 4 sessions are to be used within 45 days of investment for optimum Transformation and Expansion.

Pay in full or in 2 payments. 2nd payment due before 3rd session and within 30 days.

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Divine Timing

9 Week Online Program


This is a unique course designed to help you evolve into your ultimate truth of who you are. You evolve every day in life and so does your soul evolve into divine essence.

This is a vibrational evolvement that takes knowledge wisdom, practice and time.

This is customizable to every person and can be as gentle or intense as you are ready to receive. The practices are designed to tap into the truth about your energy, your stored emotions, and limiting beliefs that hold you back from stepping into your full power and potential.

There are fears and phobias that hold some back and emotions, beliefs, and programs that block or create disturbances in our energy. If you are tired of being tired and are ready to evolve on a soul level and learn what holds you back and how to release that which holds you back. Then you’re ready!

This is deep and honest exploration into the truth that’s within you that you may hide from others and sometimes yourself. How can you change anything if you don’t know what has to change? This program will help you discover the truth about which areas need the most attention in order for you to begin to heal from within.

This program is designed to help those who are ready to heal their energy from within to discover the areas that no longer serve their highest good by exploring the truths that are hiding or being hidden within their energy in order to assist their Soul Evolution into Divine Essence.

Contact Kymberly to learn more and discover if Conscious Awakening 9 week online program will benefit you and your Journey at this time...

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All sessions will be conducted virtually and over the phone or via Zoom. This will allow you to be in a comfortable and safe place of your choosing, where you can relax during and after a session.

Phone sessions are equally as effective as in person. Energy is Universal and travels freely without limitations of time and space.