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If  you are like most my readers and listeners  than you may consider yourself on some kind of “Journey” or “Path.” You may even consider yourself a Light worker, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, or Empath. You’re committed to making a difference in the world- one person at a time and understand that it all starts with you.  

But you’re not just looking for a temporary quick fix or bandaid. 

  • Your energy is important to you.

  • Your journey or path is important you.

  • Your relationships are important to you.

  • Being successful and abundant in all areas of your life is very important to you.

  • You understand that in order for everything around you to be in harmony, you have to be in harmony and in balance yourself.

  • You understand that in order to help others, you first must focus on your healing and your well-being.

  • You understand that you are more than just a body and that you need balance in all energetic areas:

    • Physically

    • Emotionally

    • Mentally

    • Spiritually

If  you are here and still reading or listening to this then let this be your sign that this may be the right time, right place, and with the right person. When you are done wandering around aimlessly without a map on your journey or path, reach out to me and we can discuss how I can help you. I wish someone had a map for me years ago. I wouldn’t have struggled as much or for so long. 

My purpose is to help those who feel they lost themselves along the way and are feeling disconnected from things that are important to them, reconnected to Self, regain clarity and confidence in who they are and what they want out of life.

So, if this is you and you are ready to take charge of your energy, change your thoughts, transform your limiting beliefs, and regain happiness, then reach out to me to discuss how I can help! Are you ready? I am!


Sessions with Kymberly

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All sessions will be conducted virtually and over the phone or via Zoom. This will allow you to be in a comfortable and safe place of your choosing, where you can relax during and after a session.

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"Kymberly...I sense true divine presence in your bright spirit!!!   Thank you for sharing your gift so lovingly!!!   You have opened doors for great healing within myself!!  I am forever blessed!!  Thank you!!"

— Alania S.



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