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Kymberly Castro

Hi everyone! I am Kymberly. I am a Spiritual Mentor, Divine Messenger, and a Soul Connector.

I have been intuitively sensitive my whole life, but it wasn’t till about 2005 that my spiritual gifts started to reAwaken. Now, I am assisting individuals on their journey of self discovery. My intention is to heal as many hearts as possible along the way by connecting them back to Source, Self, and Soul,  so they can begin to feel whole and learn to live their life with purpose.


I consider myself to be a Lightworker, Spiritual Teacher, and an Energy Intuitive with mediumistic abilities. Mediumistic abilities basically means that I am able to communicate with the Spirit Realm.


I also teach yoga and meditation for about 8 years now, which I find to be very personally grounding and one of my biggest blessings to share. I am also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Samassati Color Light Practitioner, Karma Trace Clearer, Crystal Reader to name a few, that is guided to share my gifts with Love, Transform Lives, and Illuminate Consciousness. I list these not to show you what I have learned or my experience, but to give you a glimpse of who I am,  what interests me, and what I love to explore. 


Being intuitive has led me to research, learn, and teach about many modalities that require me to connect to Source for guidance and direction. I use my spiritual gifts to help others discover their own light. This is one of my life purposes. The path isn’t always easy, yet I TRUST that Source has a plan for me and all of us. Truthfully, I am still learning every day what it’s like to “Live Intuitively.” 

Many Blessings, 

Kymberly Castro

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