Moon Sensitivities

Moon Sensitivities

I have learned throughout the years that many people are very sensitive to energy like I am. It’s no wonder then that we’re affected by the ever changing energies that surround us, including the monthly phases of the moon.


I began noticing years ago that the moon could energize me either in a positive way or make me a little anxious, depending on which astrological sign it was in, which is a whole other topic all together.


I also noticed that my dreams, visions, and communication with spirit would enhance as well during different phases and months. This of course is different for everyone. The moon cycles that enhance my intuition and sensitivities maybe be completely opposite than yours.


Since I started noticing this, I began to take full advantage of my clear intuition, making sure to meditate when appropriate, stay grounded, and gather as much information and teachings from spirit at those times when I was most connected, clear, and energized.


Now more than ever, I am learning to understand the moon cycles and my energy rhythms. Perhaps begin to notice how your energy reacts during the moon cycles and planetary shifts. In this way, you can conserve energy when necessary or know when to go full speed ahead.

Full moons- during a full moon is a great time to release and let go of that which no longer serves your highest good physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.

New Moons- during a new moon is a great time to focus on what you wish to attract and manifest like your hope, goals, and dreams.


Try connecting to the moon by going outside, especially during a full moon and new moon. You can also try connecting to the moon energy through meditation. Simply ask the moon to connect her energy with  yours and see what you discover. Have fun with the moon's feminine nurturing energy as she blesses you from above.


Get to know yourself energetically.


Notice the rhythms of your own breath.


Notice the beating of your heart.


Notice the clarity of your dreams.


Notice your own energy levels.


Notice when you should rest.


Notice when you should breathe.


Notice when you should be grounded.


Get to know yourself and your energy cycles more intimately and learn the rhythms that bring your life into harmonious balance.


Embrace your Energy,


You Living?

You Living?